about zusa

about zusa

We work collaboratively and bring people together.
We create space to process, playfulness and experimentation.
We build trust through collective learning experiences.
We work with inclusion and diversity principles.
We take simple steps forward in a complex world.

We are zusa, an international organisation working for and with cultural and civil society actors that strive for change in their social and cultural contexts. We practice and promote the art of collaboration as a force for systemic change. We create, open and give space to process, playfulness and experimentation.

zusa is based in Berlin and works in Europe, North Africa, West Asia and beyond. At the core of our work and values is a do-it-together approach. Together with partners we create and implement programmes based on collaborative principles. We see our role primarily as supporting others to get better at their work by introducing tools of collaboration, acting as a backbone and forging more alliances. We like trying new ways of working and we remain curious about the possibilities that our different experiences, knowledge, and perspectives can bring to our joint work.

zusa was established in 2021, born out of the Cultural Exchange department of MitOst e.V.. The Cultural Exchange department has developed and implemented programmes such as Tandem – Culture without Borders and Actors of Urban Change. Now zusa operates independently while remaining a driving force in the MitOst network. Since its founding in 1996, MitOst connects active citizens in an open and diverse network in Europe and its neighbouring regions.

zusa’s story is fluid and in constant motion, just like the world, our lives and our identities. We invite you to keep connected through our online channels, and to join our activities and programmes, so that we can shape our experiences together.

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