our team

we are zusa’s team. Our varied perspectives on work, the world, and human experiences, support zusa’s collaborative way of being and creating.

Adina Constantin

Programme & communications officer AiR zusa

Bengi Aslan

Project officer VAHA

Eglė Kryžanauskaitė

Project manager Tandem Amwaj

Henrieke Moll-Cheng

Finance and admin manager

Kasia Zielińska

Project manager AiR zusa

Max the Cookie

Junior pawject manager

Nataliia Martynenko

Project coordinator
Culture helps

Rawan Altakriti

Sarah Herke

Chief Enabling Officer

Selim Özadar

Project manager VAHA

Sengül Ertürk

Finance and admin manager
All-Around Culture

Serra Özhan

Programme advisor VAHA

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