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All-Around Culture Ecosystems Academy in Berlin 

The beginning of September in Berlin this year was warm and busy. We as zusa had hosted the third edition of the Ecosystems Academy within the All-Around Culture programme. Previous events in Amman and Nuweibaa had paved the way for this final gathering where the convergence of minds from Southern Mediterranean countries came together for 4 days of exploration, discovery, and collaborative learning.  

by Constanze Flamme

While the previous two Academies were mostly focused on networking and peer-to-peer exchange, the main topic this time was teamwork and horizontal structures. The experience we gathered in the previous years has inspired us to create a space where learning could meet practice. The art of collaboration always includes working with others, and we were very curious to explore and find out more about the ups and downs of horizontal work together.  

The facilitation team of zusa – Olha Kotska and Silvana Naguib – together with two invited facilitators Bhavesh Patel and Samantha Slade designed a learning space with a strong emphasis on practicing simple, but useful team routines, that can be a good support in the turbulent context that almost every team goes through. Bhav is our longtime friend and has supported our team in designing and facilitating the first Academy, while Samantha from Percolab is the author of the book “Going horizontal” and has been researching and practicing the improvement of teamwork in the last decades. With all the different expertise and knowledge combined, the dream team of the Ecosystem Academy carefully crafted the 4-day long programme guiding participants through a series of exercises that foster diverse perspectives on horizontal management and teamwork. 

by Constanze Flamme

With this edition, the journey of the Ecosystems Academy within the All-Around Culture programme has reached a finale. We are very grateful to the Silent Green for hosting us in their beautiful space that offered a great learning environment. After hours spent discussing and reflecting, participants left the venue with a powerful reminder that learning and collaboration thrive in an environment where curiosity and the willingness to engage are paramount. Building connections and relationships, and having a space where people meet and exchange practices are the core elements of this and all editions of the Ecosystems Academy. We are grateful to everyone who joined us in Berlin! 


  • Eglė

    Eglė is the project manager for Tandem Amwaj and the overall communications manager at zusa.