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“Culture Helps / Культура допомагає”: individual grants for mental health support results

The results of the selection for the individual grants competition for mental health support within the “Culture Helps / Культура допомагає” project.

In the first round of the Individual Grants Call 406 applications were received, while 24 of them were successfully supported. The jury team evaluated the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the application and motivation of the applicant;
  • Correspondence with conditions and focus of the Grant Call. The application should have been focused on the mental health of the applicant (cultural workers and activists, working with people who have been forced to move to safer regions of Ukraine or Creative Europe countries because of russia’s invasion of Ukraine);
  • Clarity of the budget. 

The jury consisted of representatives from project partner organisations, as well as professionals from various fields nominated by Insha Osvita:

  • Yulia Alenina, Operations Manager at Insha Osvita;
  • Katarzyna Zielinska, Project Manager at zusa;
  • Lina Romanukha, Art Curator and Cultural Manager;
  • Olha Honchar, Head of Territory of Terror Museum in Lviv and the Initiator of the Museum Crisis Center;
  • Anna Myhal, Coach of Insha Osvita pool;
  • Yuliia Dyma, Activist and Fundraising Expert;
  • Olha Valianyk, Volunteer and Head of Angar-stage hub;
  • Tanya Vovk, Co-funded of ПСІКУЛЬТУРА;
  • Den Hymennyi, Chief Community-Based PSS Specialist at UKRAINIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY.

Congratulations to those whose applications scored the highest number of points according to the evaluation results:

  • Tetiana Bakotska, cultural manager , Poland, Olshtyn;
  • Anna Maslova, cultural manager, Ukraine, Dnipro;
  • Yanina Didenko, cultural manager, Ukraine, Chyhyryn;
  • Bohdan Kutsenko, cultural manager, Ukraine, Vinnytsia;
  • Anna Stavychenko, cultural manager, France, Paris;
  • Olena Shtorm, cultural manager, Ukraine, Lutsk;
  • Kateryna Yehorushkina, volunteer, Ukraine, Kolomyia;
  • Yuliia Ulianova, cultural manager, Ukraine, Lviv;
  •  Olga Androlenko, cultural manager, Ukraine, Ohtyrka;
  • Anastasiya Voytyuk, cultural manager, Ukraine, Lviv;
  • Vladyslav Hrishchenko, volunteer, Ukraine, Vyshneve;
  • Anastasia Ponomaryova, activist, Ukraine, Drohobuch;
  • Nataliia Pedan, cultural manager, Ukraine, Poltava region, Topoleve village;
  • Yuliia Dmytrenko, cultural manager, Germany, Nuremberg;
  • Tamila Kalytenko, cultural manager, Ukraine, Kyiv region, Hlevakha village;
  • Yana Sikhnevych, activist, Ukraine, Zhytomyr;
  • Tetiana Moskalenko, Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Bohuslavets village;
  • Mariia Volina, cultural manager, Riga, travel to Ukraine on volunteering purposes;
  • Olena Mykhed, volunteer, Ukraine, Kyiv;
  • Olena Yemets, cultural manager, Ukraine, Ternopil;
  • Lydmila Chabak, cultural manager, Ukraine, Vinnytsia region;
  • Olena Onohda, cultural manager, Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, Tomashpil;
  • Roman Semeshko, volunteer, Ukraine, Kyiv;
  • Oleh Nevenytsia, cultural manager, Ukraine, Mynay village.

Participants of the competition will receive the selection results via the email address provided in their application.

“Culture Helps / Культура допомагає” is an EU co-funded project that is implemented by zusa and Інша Освіта / Insha Osvita. If you have any questions, please contact us at or via the Telegram chat.