Everything is a process

I have known the zusa team for a decade now, having worked on Tandem as a freelancer, supporting the team on editorial matters, helping with social media and crafting the Tandem newsletter. I love telling stories and Tandem was all about stories from inspiring people working to build a better world. I still remember vividly the positive energy in that meeting room in Berlin when we started to rethink a new communications strategy and website for Tandem. It was thrilling! Throughout the years and the many travels, we built such strong connections through beautiful and life changing projects. I now feel I am part of a family

It’s such a privilege as a freelancer to be able to work with an organisation sharing your values: I believe in what the zusa team stands for, and I love their way of working towards making a difference while also enjoying what we do, supporting each other, and creating the space for many voices to tell their story, and participate in the vision of making the world a slightly better place, despite the many issues we are all facing. 

This really is what’s best about zusa: its collective spirit and the feeling of true solidarity, one that is not only driven by words but also action.

Through our connection, I have grown on a personal and professional level, learning so much through editing the stories of so many artists working in regions I knew less well: how they work, in which context, what challenges they face and how they overcome them… It’s been a constant process I am very thankful I could have been part of. 

If I could describe zusa with one word, it will be process, because this is I think one of the greatest strengths of zusa and its team: the respect and understanding that everything is a process, because it allows to learn from mistakes and get better together. This focus on the collective rather than the individual is what will help us all do better work.


  • Canan Marasligil

    Canan Marasligil (she/they) is a feminist writer, editor, artist, literary translator, and curator of cultural programmes, whose practice span from performing to making podcasts (such as Not Loud Enough and A Dreamer’s Night Talks). She is fluent in English, French, Turkish, Dutch, and Spanish and is active in the fields of literature, comics, cultural criticism, and art. As an intersectional feminist who strives to challenge dominant narratives, they advocate for representation, equality and diversity. Their work has appeared in various media.