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The Big Green: Open Call for Artists

Artists based in Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Portugal are invited to create new artwork for SOIL

Since last year we are a partner organisation in a big European consortium that has gathered to explore the intersection of arts, research, and sustainability. “The Big Green” project aims to bring environmentally-engaged artists under one large-scale umbrella initiative and experiment with innovative ways of using art to promote sustainability. Four years of the project are curated thematically, and this year we are all into SOIL! Our partners in Riga, Wroclaw, Ancona, Faro and Budapest are announcing open calls for artists.

why soil?

Soil is one of the most sensitive and large organs on this planet. Disturbed ecosystems as well as disturbed balances are reflected in their deteriorating quality. Polluted soils, deforestation, degraded soil, conflict over resources, and agricultural monoculture: a lot of the climate change processes that are occurring can be linked to soil. At the same time, soil stores more than three times the amount of carbon than there is present in the atmosphere. Wetlands can be more effective carbon sinks than forests and a thriving soil improves the resilience against climate change, biodiversity and water quality.

This open call encourages artists to reimagine and reshape the relationship between soil, humans and the rapidly changing balances on this earth. Is it a relation characterized by existential threats, or can we imagine positive exchanges between our species and the soil?

Whilst the guiding theme of this open call is soil, artists are free to explore this topic through their preferred angle and local settings. They should investigate their local (issues around) soil, and to be open to adjusting their practice to the site-specific conditions of this location.

how does it work?

If selected, artists participating in SOIL commit to a collaborative process taking place between September 2024 and August 2025. In this period they will create a work with an environmental angle through an eco-sensitive process. Most of the collaboration will be with a local commissioning partner but there will be some online and offline moments together with all five artists and commissioners throughout the season. The collaborating partners in Riga, Wroclaw, Ancona, Faro and Budapest are, respectively: Latvijas Jaunā Teātra Institūts, Art Transparent, Marche Teatro, Sciaena and Pro Progressione.

This project includes an artist fee and production budget.

where to find more information?

Each partner organisation is responsible for announcing its open calls. You can find more information on their websites and social media.

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  • Eglė Kryžanauskaitė

    Eglė is the project manager for Tandem Amwaj and the overall communications manager at zusa.