Truly enriching and inspiring

I had the opportunity to be part of the Tandem Shaml IV program in 2018-2019. I partnered with a Greek NGO Plegma to implement an oral history project in Lebanon (you can read more about it on the Tandem website). The entire experience was a life-changing experience for me on a personal and professional level. Throughout the period of the project, I had the chance to meet and work alongside some of the current zusa team members and benefitted from their long and rich experience in the cultural field. Following the Tandem Shaml journey by the end of 2019, I was part of the next zusa adventure with the Tandem 360° programme where I joined them as a local host in Lebanon and later on as a mentor for both rounds of the programme. During that period, I was lucky to work closely with the team preparing mentoring sessions, and practicing different facilitation and mentoring techniques and methods.  

What I truly cherish and appreciate about working with zusa team is the work efficiency. For the last 3 years, meetings and work were all performed remotely, which was challenging, but nevertheless, the meetings were highly productive and timely. I would describe my experience working with them as truly enriching and inspiring. Their work methodology can change mindsets and push toward the construction of new approaches into doing more in less time and into translating creative sometimes crazy ideas into something tangible, measurable, and feasible within the available resources. This methodology constructed throughout the long years of Tandem implementation was proven to be a success and worth being closely studied and analyzed. It made me rethink my own set of skills and attitudes and broadened my horizons related to different ways of achieving goals and objectives. It also empowered me with a diversity of tools and methods to better transfer knowledge and expertise.  

If you wish to work in a friendly, yet highly efficient environment, gain experience in the cultural field, and expand your network, zusa is the perfect place.  

The team is task-oriented, they walk the talk, they are extra milers with an excellent team spirit, attentive to details, respectful, adaptive, flexible, always evolving and moving forward, and searching for new ways of impacting change. Their greatest strength is the diversity of skills and level of experience within the team itself making them a true solid backbone for organizations looking to grow effectively and adaptively in the midst of ever-growing social challenges.